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Risk Statement

WM Markets warns that engaging in financial instrument trading may not be suitable for all individuals. Clients’ participation in financial transactions is voluntary and entails inherent risks. While trading offers potential profit opportunities, it also carries the possibility of incurring partial or complete loss of invested capital. There’s a substantial risk of capital depreciation, alongside the potential for profit generation. It is advisable for clients to thoroughly evaluate whether their participation aligns with their own unique financial circumstances. Understanding and acknowledging all associated risks is crucial, and seeking independent advice is recommended.

WM Markets website is designed with robust cybersecurity measures to protect client data and transactions. However, the online environment is susceptible to cyber threats such as hacking, malware, and phishing attacks. WM Markets continuously monitors and updates security protocols to safeguard against these risks and points out to its clients the following:

  1. Market conditions and regulatory factors may heighten the risk of losses, stemming from challenges in executing transactions or closing positions. WM Markets may encounter limitations in executing instructions at desired levels.
  2. Trading financial instruments on margin involves a high level of risk, which can yield both favorable and unfavorable outcomes.
  3. Transactions involving foreign currency-denominated contracts are susceptible to fluctuations in currency rates during conversion.
  4. In the event of firm insolvency or bankruptcy, the protection of funds transferred for trading purposes may be impacted. Legal provisions govern the extent of fund recovery, with identifiable assets subject to distribution.
  5. Clients acknowledges that commissions, fees, and charges may impact profits or magnify losses. Understanding all applicable charges before engaging in trading activities is essential.
  6. WM Markets cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to its website, products, or services, nor their availability in specific locations at any given time.

When Clients decide to proceed with trading in leverage products, they confirm that they understand the risks involved and bear sole responsibility and liability for all transactions they conduct. WM Markets disclaims responsibility for delays or failures in execution arising from communication or other system malfunctions. Further, Clients remain accountable for any potential taxation and other regulatory obligations associated with financial instruments under their applicable legal framework.