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This cookie policy is designed to provide an overview and explanation of how WM Markets use cookies on its website. WM Markets website utilizes cookies for various purposes, including statistical analysis, enhancing service quality, verifying user identity and location, checking browser type and device, tracking referral sources, and customizing content accordingly.

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on a user’s device by websites they visit. They serve various purposes, such as remembering user’s preferences, login information, and browsing activity. Cookies enable websites to provide personalized experiences, track user behavior, and improve functionality.

Types of cookies

  • ID cookies: ID cookies do not expire when user closes the browser.
  • Persistent cookies: Persistent cookies remain on user’s device even after the browser is closed. They are used to remember user’s preferences and settings across multiple visits to a website.
  • Analytical cookies: Analytical cookies are digital tools used by websites to collect aggregated data on user behavior and interactions for the purpose of analyzing and optimizing website performance.
  • Third-party service cookies: Third-party cookies are set by domains other than the one users are currently visiting. They are often used for tracking and advertising purposes, allowing third-party advertisers to collect data about user’s browsing behavior across different websites.

Users have the choice to manage the cookie settings in their browser. While users can opt to refuse all cookies or receive notifications before they are stored, WM Markets recommend allowing cookies to ensure optimal website performance. Disabling cookies may impact user’s experience on WM Markets’ site, including reduced functionality and service quality.

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